Intimidating facts about the Tower of London

One of the most famous tourist destinations in London with rich, dark and eerie history behind it.

The Tower of London is one of the most iconic structures to grace London’s skyline. This structure has a long history, from being home to Kings to being a nightmarish prison and execution grounds for some of the most famous names. The ghost of the past still lingers on to tell the tales of loss, anger, awe, and intrigue. So, here are some formidable facts about this iconic structure.

The Tower of London is much older than you think; it is almost a thousand-year-old.

Interestingly, The Tower of London is very old; its history goes back to 1066 AD. This military stronghold was established by William, the Conqueror. He wanted this mighty structure to dominate London’s skyline. The Tower was completed in almost twenty years and was intimidating in the minds and eyes of the local population.

The Tower of London is famous for housing great and notable prisoners like Anne Boleyn and even Queen Elizabeth I.

The Tower of London has housed prisoners from all walks of life. From thieves to religious conspirators to even royals, the Towers has incarcerated many people. Some of these were tortured and met with a pitiful end, whereas the rich and privileged even had servants waiting on them. The Tower saw the beheading of three Queens, Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII. Henry VIII fifth wife Catherine Howard, also met with the same fate and was beheaded at the Tower. The third queen to have her head rolled at the Tower was Lady Jane Grey, who was beheaded by Queen Mary I.

The Tower of London was not just a sight of gore and pain. It once had a zoo that housed subspecies of Barbary Lion, which is now extinct.

King John started the royal menagerie in the 1200s in the Tower of London that was meant to hold all the exotic animals that were gifted by other royals. It was a great attraction for the local population, who gathered to witness captive lions and even a white bear who was taken to the Thames for hunting. Recent excavations have suggested that the presence of lions that belong to subspecies of Barbary Lion was now extinct.

The Tower of London is home to ravens as there is a superstition that when all the ravens left the Tower then the Crown would fall. Do you think that is true?

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