Intriguing facts about Harry Houdini

Nobody could come close to Houdini when it came to illusion and being a perfect escape artist. He still baffles people with his flawless performances. But how well you knew the man behind the great Houdini.

Houdini is rightly considered one of the most intriguing personalities whose persona and mysticism baffled people all around the world. So, much so that even after a century, since he passed away, he is remembered and revered by illusionists all across the world to this day. Whether it is escaping from a Chinese water torture cell or suspending himself from a crane above the streets, he mesmerized onlookers.

Houdini’s real name was Ehrich Weiss

People believe that he adopted his first stage name, Harry from his childhood nickname “Ehrie”. Many people also point out that his stage name was a tribute to the great magician Harry Kellar. His last name, Houdini was adopted from legendary French illusionist, Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin.

His famous milk can trick was introduced in the year 1908

All the young readers who are not familiar with Houdini and his world of illusion would not be familiar with his most famous act. He used to place an oversized milk can that was filled with water. He used to be handcuffed and sealed inside this milk can. After being left behind a curtain, he baffled his audience by escaping unscathed from the milk can.

The society of American magicians presented a symbol of Harry Houdini’s tombstone

Houdini was not only an esteemed member of the Society of American Magicians but also its president. That is the reason why many magicians all across the world are still working and maintaining the gravesite of the great Houdini. His grave is well-kept and is taken care of by Society, by American magicians for maintenance and restorations.

He could fly a plane

Although sometimes this claim is refuted, many believe that Houdini was the first person who made a controlled flight in a powered plane in Australia. This much-talked-about flight took place on 18th March 1910 near Melbourne.

His wife held seances for ten years after he passed       

Houdini wanted to know the truth about life after death, maybe that is the reason he promised his wife that he would contact his wife from beyond after his death. She kept on organizing seances for almost 10 years hoping for a message but she got none. So, she just ended them but fans to this day hold seances to this day.

So, which fact intrigued you the most?