Is AI All That You Think

Analysing AI and its development over the years.

The funny thing about AI is, the definition depends on whom you ask. Back in 1950, it was considered as a machine performance that was equivalent to human intelligence. The modern purpose has brought a more specific drift in intelligence. Francois Chollet, an AI researcher at Google and Keras, the machine-learning software library creator, stated that intelligence is bound to a system’s capacity to adapt and devise in a new environment to conclude its data and apply it to different scenarios.

A typical AI would demonstrate at least one of the behaviours associated with human intelligence- Planning, reasoning, learning, motion, perception, knowledge, problem solving, creativity, social intelligence and manipulation.

What Is AI Used For?

The ubiquitous system is the new era revolution in technology present in almost everything we do. Be it shopping applications, recognizing photo, detecting fraud.

Different Kinds of AI-

Artificial intelligence can be divided into two broad types- general and narrow AI.

What Does Narrow AI Do?

Narrow AI is basically what comprises computers all around us. Systems have been taught to learn and carry specific tasks without being individually programmed to do so.

A typical example would be the speech and language recognition on your phone, recommended engines that suggest products. The limitations would be that only specific tasks can be programmed in the system.

There are many emerging applications for narrow AI. Be it interpreting video feeds from drones, or carrying out visual inspections like pipelines, personal business calendars, coordinating, customer queries, flagging etc.

A new graphic card is being designed to allow high-quality video calls regardless of the internet connection speed. The system minimizes the bandwidth by a factor of 10 by not transmitting a full video stream and aiming at lesser static images of the caller that is indistinguishable from the video.

What Does General AI Do?

General AI is different from the narrow AI and is the adaptable intellect found in humans. It is flexible and capable of carrying out various tasks from haircutting, building spreadsheets etc.

A survey conducted among four different groups of experts concluded that there is a 50% chance that Artificial General Intelligence would be on the rise by the year 2075.

The group further predicted it as superintelligence- any intellect that exceeds the cognitive performance that domains in all interests.

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