Is Deodorant Harmful For Your Health?

All you need to know about deodorants-the claimed myths and the facts, and how they can affect your health.

In our present life, we possibly cannot imagine going out without applying a deodorant. Just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower, getting yourself smelling perfect is a necessity. You have probably by now read many claims on social media that antiperspirants could be potential causes of kidney failure, allergies or breast cancer. Here is the truth about deodorants and how it affects your life.

Can Deodorants harm you?-

There are many rumours about the effect of deodorant on your health, the biggest one being breast cancer and kidney malfunction as a result of chemicals being absorbed through the DNA and affecting our health. They claim that the toxins from the substances accumulate to make cells turn cancerous.

However, researchers found that there is no scientific link between breast cancer and deodorants. Talking about the case of kidney risk, people with delicate kidneys have a higher risk with any foreign element on their body.

Ingredients of a deodorant-

Depending on the elements used to make them, you can determine how it can affect your health. Here are the components that are used to make antiperspirants and what they bring with them.


In almost every cosmetic that you use, there is extensive use of aluminium compounds. In deodorants, aluminium salts are used to keep you from sweating. The salts melt to block your pores from spreading the stench. The accumulated salts in your breast tissue can cause itching and rashes if not washed out properly every day, but there is no proof that it can develop into cancerous cells.

Aluminium particles might be a more significant threat to kidney patients with lesser than 30% functioning kidney. Excess aluminium content in your body increases your risks of dementia and bone born ailments. Without proper functioning kidneys, the aluminium will not be flushed out of the body, and hence cause health concerns.


Parabens fight fungi, bacteria and yeast growth from growing. When absorbed in your body, they can function as estrogen that is helpful in female sexual development. However, excess exposure to parabens may increase your risk of breast cancer.

Other ingredients of allergy-

Essential oil and propylene glycol in your deodorant stick might cause allergic reactions in some people. There could be many ingredients that you could be allergic to. Before getting your deodorant, make sure you check the ingredients.

Some even claim that shaving your underarm can increase the risk of cancer. However, there is no scientific claim that deodorant and shaving have anything to do with cancerous cells. Shaving might cause you infection and bruises but definitely not cancer!

Can Antiperspirant keep you from sweating-

As said by Dr Chang, the body gets rid of toxins through the kidney and liver, hence using an antiperspirant does not affect your body’s ability to dispose of toxins.

Deodorants are safe products when used responsibly. However, it is advised to get checked by your physician in case of any rash or skin abnormality.

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