Is Gardening A Solution To Global Warming?

Can gardens replace the need for forests?

Global warming is nothing new. Limitless use of natural resources, gigantic level of mining, unrestricted growth of high rises and industries, massive radiation and all other destructive attempts are continuously being taken. As a result, natural imbalance has risen so high that the global temperature is changing rapidly. It’s not just the lack of ozone layer, the temperature is increasing due to the compulsive effect of the brutality done with nature.

Now, some people are taking initiatives to bring the green back by gardening. We can even see some corporate offices and apartments with ‘Green Interior’. But, is it helping anyway? Let’s see.

Global warming and trees

Greenery is the saviour of our nature. Naturally grown forests are responsible for maintaining the oxygen and carbon-di-oxide level and water cycle as well. Trees are not helping us just by providing shades, but also by absorbing the heat. So, continuous elimination of trees is definitely a big reason for global warming.

Deforestation and Gardening

Rampant urbanisation, industrialisation and extensive use of natural resources like coal, crude oil, metals and other minerals need to vacate the lands and for that, deforestation has become a very obvious and regular activity.

In order to replace that, some projects have been taken in terms of gardening. We can see rooftop gardens, balcony gardens, interior gardening and so many other creative initiatives.

Difference between forest and garden

Though the initiatives are very creative and picturesque, they are not efficient enough to change the impact of deforestation. They can’t replace forests in any way.

Forest is a naturally grown greenery which works by the law of nature. But, the garden is man-made greenery, basically an artificial set-up. A forest has its own ecosystem and biodiversity which a garden can never have. Forest grows according to the law of nature. Garden grows according to the wishes of the owner.

Why gardening can’t help reducing global warming

  • Most of the trees used for gardening are herbs and shrubs.
  • Garden is an artificial greenery.
  • Trees take longer to grow in the garden.
  • Garden can’t create its own ecosystem and biodiversity, at least not in a tenure of 5-10 years.
  • Garden can’t provide enough shade.
  • Garden can’t extend by itself
  • Garden can’t absorb Carbon-di-Oxyde or provide Oxygen as much as a forest can.

Deforestation is growing day by day

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