Is Harley Developing a 300cc V-twin?

Several spy shots (leaked images) of the rumoured motorcycle have been making rounds on the web

Since the past few months, a rumour has been doing rounds on the net about Harley-Davidson. As per many sources and online reports, the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer is reportedly working on 296cc V-twin motorcycle. Now, in 2021, those rumours are turning out to be genuine as several spy shots of the motorcycle have been spotted on the internet.

As per an Autocar report, the American motorcycle producer has tied up with Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Zhejiang Qianjiang, which is the parent corporation of motorcycle brand Benelli. By collaborating with the Chinese brand, Harley-Davidson has made their objectives clear that they are giving their best to infiltrate the 300cc market in the Asian countries.

Earlier, it was reported that company was aiming to introduce a parallel-twin motorcycle which was prone to be called the 338R. However, it seems the company has ditched the plan and is presently working on a unique plan. The recent spy shots reveal a motorcycle with the name SRV300 on it, which is developed and produced by Qianjiang. There’s a possibility that the rumoured motorcycle may a re-badged version of the SRV300.

Going by the size of the spied motorcycle, the sportster is extremely compact and if launched, it will take on the likes of the Hyosung GV300S and the Benda Motors Jinjira 300. However, the motorcycle is prone to be sold in specific markets and it may not arrive in India. After all, Harley-Davidson has tied up with Hero MotoCorp and both the companies are working together to develop an entry-level motorcycle for the Indian market.

Although Harley-Davidson has not announced the spec-sheet of the motorcycle, the company registered the motorcycle for documentation. The documentation got leaked and as per it; the motorcycle makes 30hp of power from a 296cc V-twin engine with a top speed of around 130kmph. Equipped with ABS, the motorcycle features 16-inch wheel on the front and 15-inch wheel on the rear.

Talking about Harley-David, let us educate the unversed souls that Harley came to India in 2010. However, after spending merely 10 years in India; the company left the country in 2020 after shutting down its entire operation, which dealt a massive blow to its dealers and loyal customer base. However, in 2021, Harley announced that Hero MotoCorp will handle their forthcoming activities.

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