Is it possible to install ID chips in our brains?

In this ever-evolving era, nothing seems to be impossible, not even installing an ID chip into our brain.

Throughout times, neurologists have tried to experiment on ways to connect human brains to a computer without using a wired connection. Even entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk showed their interest to create brain-computer interfaces.

There is an idea to develop a computer chip that can increase the intelligence of a human when implanted into the brain. According to neurologists, human IQ ranges from 100-160 units in general but by installing an ID chip into the brain, a person can possess an IQ of 200 or more units. By doing this, researchers are willing to take the idea of brainpower to a different level.

Is it just a theory?

No, it isn’t. In 2017 Neuralink made its first appearance in front of the common public. Founded by Elon Musk took the initiative to launch Neuralink Corporation, with an idea to develop implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs). After years of research, he claims that it is now possible to install computerised in humans. It will be helpful for the differently able person, and you can also store your memory into a device.

How will it function? The chip will be installed into our minds by neurotic surgery. After rejecting several chip designs, they finally designed a more compact chip and named it the Link. It is such a design that you will be able to control your devices from any place.

The Link is a sealed compact device (23*8 mm thick) which processes, stimulates, and transmits neural signals after implantation. The device is connected with micron-scale threads or neural threads that contain many electrodes (each having 1024 channels) to detect the neural signals. The implanted chip also comes with a charging facility- a compact inductive charger is connected wirelessly to the chip for the charging purpose.

How to install the chip into our brain? The Link threads are so fine that the person needs to undergo surgery for the implementation process. The entire process will be performed by a robotic system that is specifically developed for the chip installation and will take only one hour.

During the procedure, some of our mind cells (neurons) will be connected to the Link chip. Using the robotic system, it chip will be such linked that it can read 1024 neurons of our brain.

How will it be helpful for a human being?

It can be connected to or monitored using any device.

Differently-able persons are benefitted.

You can store your memories in the form of data.

With the advancement in technology, today it is possible to build the superhuman out of you.

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