Is organic food truly a healthier option

Have you ever wondered what defines organic food and why should it be considered a healthier option? Read on to find out!

Organic food has taken the raw food market up a swirl with its healthy tags. This specific line of food is now considered a benchmark for good quality food. But these are quite expensive and not everyone can choose to avail them. This is one of the most primary reasons many believe that this is just a marketing gimmick. But is there any truth to what is advertised on behalf of organic food? Let’s find out!

In terms of nutrients- do we get more from organic?

The answer to this question is a simple ‘no’. But let’s dig a little deep shall we? Organic food does not essentially mean more nutrients. It means that you get the nutrients that are available by the laws of nature. For example the amount of potassium you are supposed to get from a banana, you would most likely get the most of it from an organic banana. It does not mean you get any extra nutrients than as provided in nature.

How is it different from a normal banana?

What do you understand from a normal banana? Bananas grown or mass cultivated through the use of pesticides and other chemicals right? This is why researchers believe that the use of such harsh chemicals deplete the nutrient value of the food. This does not happen in case of organic food.

But why is it so expensive then?

This is a common question and it seems alright that you plant a good seed and water it, fertilize it and it will produce good products right? Yes, that is true but it will take a very long time and crucial biological steps to ensure that pests and insects do not damage the crop. This is what makes organic food extremely expensive in comparison to their counterparts.

How exactly is it healthier then?

It is healthier because it is almost artificial chemical free. It is also healthier because you get all the proper nutrients from it. It does not simply mean that you won’t ever be able to purchase other non-expensive food but you need to know which ones to pick. For example, cantaloupes, avocados are some options that witness very less chemicals in comparison to other produce. So it is still okay to consume this at a cheaper rate.

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