Is There any Side-Effect of Hair Transplant?

Losing hair is not an age-related issue. This can happen to anybody and anytime in life. Hair thinning can happen because of hormonal changes. When somebody is experiencing baldness or thinning, the underlying side effect is hair becoming more limited and better until no new hairs grow.

There are a few people, who are opting for hair restoration techniques to get back to a life of confidence and looking great. However, all said and done, a hair transplant is a medical procedure and there is a chance of specific side effects. So, before you go to get your transplant done, ideally, = discuss with your doctor and get a clear picture regarding what side effects could be caused all the while.

What are the Side-Effects ff Hair Transplant?

Side-effects of hair transplant could be different for various patients. The lucky ones can experience a difficulty-free process however some can encounter anything between gentle to strong side effects.


Being a surgery there is a possibility of some amount of bleeding during and post-medical procedure. Although the doctors ensure that there is the least bleeding during the process, in some cases there could be some bleeding in the donor area which should stop once the pressure is applied to that part. However, if the bleeding is high, you should consult the doctor without any delay.


Infection is something uncommon if you are going through the method in a well-known center under an experienced doctor. But, there is still a chance. In such a case, a basic antibiotic from the doctor can handle the issue.


A few patients experience pain particularly if they have done a hair transplant through FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant). For a similar reason, specialists generally recommend pain relievers to ease the pain that should subside in the following 2-3 days. If the pain is prolonged, you ought to visit the doctor.


The donor area has a thin line of scar when the patient has gone through a hair transplant through FUT however that ought to blur over the long period. In any case, the visibility of the scar is completely reliant upon the patient’s scalp and the mending system. Most of the noticeable scars can be covered with short hair development.

Scalp Swelling and Eye Bruises

In a few uncommon cases, the patient scalp can swell because of the formation of fluid. This could also cause some pain and irritation. Preferably, the swelling ought to subside in several days however if it perseveres the patient should counsel the specialist. How could a scalping system have any association with eye wounds? For the situation where there is fluid development on the scalp, sometimes it will in the general stream down close to the eye which can cause the formation of eye bruises or even black eye. This is not a panic situation as this will be recuperated in two or three days.

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