Is Traditional Culture Disappearing From Japan?

The conflict between ethnicity and modernity

Japan, an East-Asian country of 5 islands, has highly evaluated traditions on the one hand and the most advanced technologies on the other. After the electronic revolution there came out a clear conflict between these two trends of Japan. The differences and the socio-cultural impacts of those differences were getting more visible throughout the country.

Traditional Culture Of Japan

The entire traditional culture is based on the conventional conservative and nationalist ideology. There is a concept of ‘purity’ in the traditional culture of Japan. People used to work hard, think more about God and godliness, eat healthy foods- most of the time they eat rice and some side items with only salt and pepper. One needs a long experience to prepare their special dishes like Sushi or Fugu. Besides, people used to build houses like Pagodas. The culture focuses more on farming rather than the other professions. Traditionally they used to wear clothes to show how rich they are. The rich people wear more clothes and the poor wear less. They wear wooden sandals called kimonos. Noh, Kabuki and Geisha are the three traditional festivals of Japan. The entire traditional culture was inspired by China from the very beginning.

Modern Culture Of Japan

Modern Japanese culture is heavily influenced by western culture. It has its idea of globalization and it is solely tech-driven. The Electronic revolution brought speed in the lives and the culture as well. People work smart, think about working smarter. The concept of fast food has been adapted and has been established as a cultural habit. Multi-cuisine has grasped a big market in Modern Japan. In modern culture, buildings are made in the western block style, like apartments and multiplexes. Technology and electronics are the core focus of modern Japan. Japan is already in an advanced position from most of the western countries. New art forms have been introduced in modern culture. Anime is one of the most popular art which has a widespread global market. Anime costumes have become a famous form of clothing in modern Japan. Almost all people have an iPhone in their hand.

Whether The Tradition Is Under Threat?

To some extent, Yes. It was not clashing with each other before the 1990s. The simultaneous development of traditional and tech-driven culture and a healthy amalgamation of these two trends after WWII, till the 90s. After that, the model of globalization of the market, the abundance of advanced products, and the most mesmerizing speed of everything dragged people towards the new culture. Hence, the traditional culture, not being practiced by the majority of people, has begun to shift from daily life to the museum.

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