Published By: Jayati


Becoming anxious and insecure in a relationship might be a result of having a commitment-phobic partner!

Dreaming about a fairy tale future with the person you love? You two meet regularly and there is a connection brewing. The chemistry making you feel like you two are a match made in heaven? However, the progress is still not up to the level as you thought. There might be a huge reason behind this situation. One of the main causes of stagnant relationships is having a commitment phobic partner. Here we discuss 5 obvious behaviours of your partner that confirms that he or she has a commitment phobia.

Your Partner is Inconsistent About Planning

Planning doesn't come naturally for the people who don't want to commit. If your partner is not into commitment, he or she will be lethargic about making plans even for your next date. Meeting families is a daydream only for you in this scenario. Even in the cases of social parties or musical events, your partner will never take the initiative.

Not Available With Their Vulnerable Sides

They will never show you their vulnerable aspect of their personality. They will never discuss their past traumas even if their behaviour gives a hint of it. Your partner will be really adamant or rarely show you their sweeter side masked under their pragmatic characteristic. Public display of affection is a big no for the person who doesn't want to commit. They will never want to 'miss out' on a better option.

They Won't Approach First

You will always be the initiator in the action of expressing affection. You will be the one who sends the morning texts or goodnight texts first. Most of the time your partner will not reciprocate, sometimes they joke about how cringy the actions are. They will hardly want to know about what you are going through, what your plans are. They will show lukewarm responses to your heartfelt speeches about your love for them.

Always in Dire Need of Extra Space

Your commitment-phobic partner will always become hesitant whenever things go too good, beyond their expectations. If you two seem like a thing for the future, your partner will start growing distant. They will want extra space, and even if you give them a lot of space, they will still remain vague. The real cause behind this behaviour is the commitment phobia kicking inside them. So they will try to push you away even subconsciously. On many occasions they will use really harsh words to nip your excitement in the bud.

Unfavorable Attitude Towards Monogamy

They will totally be against the concept of Monogamy. Sometimes knowingly while sometimes they will just jump the bandwagon. Dedicating life to a single person will seem like a bad choice to them.