Is Your Toddler Really Learning From Online Classes?

Help your little one get a better grasp of learning through these easy ways of online classes.

In the age of social distancing and digitalization, online classes have become the torchbearer of formal education. Have you ever felt teaching your kids over a screen more challenging than real? Well, it is. Here are some tips that will help keep the kids grasp more and be engaged in online education.

Following instructions-

You must have noticed that having kids follow your instructions in an online class is way more complicated than in an actual class. One of the reasons is because you can’t see their reaction, and they might not understand what you are saying.

Another is a technical problem that could be a result of connectivity or electricity. How often does the device give up just in the middle of your classes! The solution can be simple.

Use exciting activities that the children are familiar with and don’t have any problem following them.

Here are some ways to follow while giving instructions-

  • Keep asking questions to the students if they have understood what is explained to them.
  • Before hitting off with the main activity, they can always start off with an example.
  • Make sure your explanation on the slide is clear and visible.

Sometimes arranging an activity can feel more tedious than actually teaching them.

The format of teaching and learning varies through generations. No matter how easy it seems, do not thrust more lessons in one. Have a precise aim to keep the lessons short and straightforward so the little ones can keep pace with your lesson plan.

  • Use time-efficient feedback methods so you can check them while in class.
  • Make sure you as a teacher irradiate the habit of making students anxious by naming them individually. You can create class a collective effort to better them and learn things quickly.
  • Keep the students involved in lessons as much as possible. Interact with the students and try to keep them engaged.
  • Keep them engaged in physical tasks to be more inclined to listen to you rather than drift away in their train of thoughts.

Don’t Be the One On The Talking End-

If the teacher is the one talking always, the students will keep the class on mute and scribble or play under the desk. As challenging as it is to keep up with the little ones’ attention, it is essential to make learning a two-way process. You can involve the kids with examples from their own life. They will be more than excited to teach you what they have learnt.

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