Itinerary of Guided Tours in Madrid

Exploring Madrid—the capital of Spain and city of many squares 


Madrid has a perpetually vibrant spree of tourists flocking in and yet in the nooks and alleyways of its historic quarters, you will find a strange calm, thrill and tranquillity worth navigating. 


Historic Madrid 


The historic parts of Madrid is a unique experience of travelling backwards in time and is best relished when you have an expert guide accompanying you. The major highlights are Basilica De San Francisco El Grande – an 18th-century architectural wonder with a treasure trove of Spanish paintings on display. Its museum hosts the masterpieces of Goya and Zurbaran; Parque De Templo De Debod—surrounded by a pool of water, its reflections enhance the glory and magnificence of this holy site; Puerta Del Sol – the bustling and throbbing heart of the city where revellers gather around midnight to celebrate festivities, victories and occasions; and Estacion De Atocha which is renowned for being the largest railway station in Madrid and tucked away in the lap of lush greenery. 


Visit the Royalty 


The Royal Palace of Madrid and Prado Museum are a treat to your senses. The Palace was built by Bourbon Dynasty in the 18th century spanning across 135,000 m² and hosting 3,418 rooms. Art lovers around the world flock to this royal abode to witness the royal collections, antiques and gems sheltered at the Prado Museum. Masterpieces by Caravaggio, Rubens, Sorolla and Goya are found arrayed on the walls in all splendour and glory. You will never run out of reasons to visit this place. Grand frescoes by Bayeu, Giaquinto, Battista and Mengs decorate the Palace’s high ceilings and never for once can you rest from appreciating art spilling over from the four corners.


Touring Salamanca and Avila


The historic Spanish city still retains the remnants of its past in its Old Cathedral, Plaza Mayor and the hullaballoo of Monterrey Palace. Besides seeking the bygone, tourists indulge in the chic shopping destinations and upscale restaurants, the 19th century boulevards and tapas bars will give you a distinct and raw flavour of Madrid. Avila is pretty close to Salamanca. It is a quaint town teeming with historic sites and everyday beauty that would leave you awestruck. As you stroll around, you feel the yesteryears of Moors and Visigoths still loom over modern city life. Besides the mediaeval walls, the town has beautiful museums, baroque facades and yummiest restaurants, doing justice to Madrid’s reputation of being a glutton’s paradise, to savour some authentic Spanish flavours. 

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