Published By: Sohini

It's best to limit your contact: How to deal with gaslighting?

People have found it easier to identify and label certain relationship dysfunctions with this term called “Gaslighting.”

It has enabled many people to firmly stand by their truths. Despite being aware of the phrase and comprehending what it means, many people could still find it challenging to manage situations when they are the ones being gaslighted. So let's discuss how to avoid gaslighting and maintain your integrity.

Understand how to spot gaslighting when it occurs

A psychologically deceptive technique called gaslighting is used to make a person or group of individuals question their reality and recall. Identify the symptoms. A person begins to display symptoms of reduced self-esteem and emotional dependence on the abuser when they are gaslighted regularly. When someone is gaslighting you, you could feel a range of feelings, including uncertainty, rage and annoyance. You might also find yourself arguing with yourself both out loud and in your head. This constant back-and-forth might undermine your self-confidence and is draining.

Note down details

It can be good to write things out as they happen to help you anchor yourself in your truth. Write in a journal about your experiences and make it a practice to read back over your entries. Record everything that occurs as a journal is a fantastic tool for keeping track of events throughout time. This will boost your self-assurance in what you already know to be true.

Maintain your integrity

The purpose of gaslighting is to make the recipient question their perception. The individual doing the gaslighting may be attempting to evade accountability while gradually getting you to develop an emotional dependence on them. This causes enormous internal confusion, eroding your capacity to trust your memories and yourself. Stand firm in your truth to combat this lie.

Maintain a straightforward communication

A person who is gaslighting will openly lie, change the narrative and downplay how you feel. Knowing your purpose before entering the conversation can help you stay on track rather than getting swayed in the various directions that a gaslighting individual may take you.

Don’t bother about “outwitting” the gaslighter

Disengage is the greatest method to outwit a gaslighter. Even if you bring a mound of evidence, films, recordings and other materials to the debate, a gaslighting individual will find a way to divert, minimize or deny. It is more valuable to leave with your perception intact.

Self-compassion for what you are going through in the relationship will assist you navigate the feelings associated with being gaslighted.