Published By: Sohini

It's more than counting anniversaries: Simple ways to keep a relationship alive

So you have been in a committed relationship for, oh, FOREVER.

You have had your typical rom-com first kiss, ala The Holiday, survived the first fight, the second, the third, the fourth and the 100th and now you are at the romantic comedy’s climactic moment when the end scene fades to black, the titles roll and sadly the film ends. Come let’s check out how you can get back the spark in your relationship

Every week ask something new

Understanding what "the spark" means to you is the first step in keeping it alive. Given that we all have distinct love languages, it is likely that what makes you and your spouse feel loved and valued is different. This implies that we also express our love in a variety of ways. Trust your partner enough to ask for something you want in a relationship rather than hoping your partner would love you in the way you desire or be resentful when they don't. If they notice how pleased it makes you when they do it, they will start doing it more frequently, whether it is organizing a date night or complementing your eyes' stunning color.

Eye contact while talking or some time just like that

Romance does not have to be ignited by great gestures or public shows of affection-intimacy takes place in little things. Making eye contact is very much scientifically supported-increases neuronal synchronization and releases oxytocin. Eye contact makes your brain feel more linked to another person, in terms that didn't come from a chemical textbook. Focusing on maintaining eye contact while speaking to let your partner know you are listening and to help them feel more connected to you. You should also look for opportunities to make eye contact when they arise. Attempt to look each other in the eye while at a party or in a crowded room.

Take a break

Spending some time apart will offer your partner the room to miss you, and vice versa, whether it is only an hour at a hot yoga class or a weekend trip with girls. By doing your own thing, you can break out of your routine and have new conversations and things to catch up on.

Everyone in a relationship wants to know the trick to keep the spark alive. So here is the secret recipe you must check out…