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Jalapão: A Paradise Hidden In Tocantins

If you would like to seek out well-known and hip destinations for your travels, we are here with the perfect destination! Read on to know all about Jalapão.

Jalapeno in Brazil, which is tucked away deep within Tocantins, a city in the heartland of Brazil and far from any forms of tourism, but which preserves lagoons, woods, and spectacular rocks that will astound you. So pack your luggage and join us in exploring this tropical paradise in the heart of Brazil.

Exploration of the Jalapeno

A trip to Jalapao is not a breeze. Flights to Palmas, the Tocantins capital, depart from So Paulo, Brasilia, and Goiânia. You'll need a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach Jalapo from there. These sandy roads provide significant challenges to motorists who are not accustomed to them.

The High Bridge of the Tocantins

From the southeast, we enter this stunning area of Jalapo. Sussuapara Canyon is the area's initial attraction; it is a gorge where hundreds of waterfalls cascade from cliffs more than 12 meters high. The addition of mosses and ferns makes these walls look even more surreal.

The Fervedor of Ceica

Trails and dunes of extraordinary beauty surround these lakes, providing a striking contrast. The area's geology has created lakes and river beaches, and there are also kilometers of paths and dunes to explore. There are a lot of great picture ops in the area, but some of them have time or access restrictions. For instance, the Fervedouro do Ceiça only allows 6 visitors at a time, and their total time there is limited to 20 minutes. Although brief, it's enough to get some much-needed air conditioning and snap some stunning photos.

Capim Dourado Handicrafts

A white blossom from the cerrado region is used to create this unusual craft, which is something we have never seen before. The grass has a beautiful golden hue, and also the pieces are stunning; buying some will support local artists and provide a memorable memento.

The Japanese Cave

The Japanese cave is a cavern in a lagoon named the Japanese lagoon, both of which are situated in the heart of the Brazilian cerrado. And it is among the most picturesque spots in Jalapao because of the amazing rock formations and refreshingly cool water. Not only is this lagoon stunning to look at, but the water is also warm and teeming with fish of all sizes.


Despite its relative isolation from the world's most popular tourist destinations, this part of the world ranks among the most fascinating we can explore. Great photo ops among the dunes, lagoons, and cliffs don't come cheap, but the Brazilian real's recent decline makes it a bargain. At Jalapo, you may relax and rediscover the wonders of the natural world, where every experience and view is one-of-a-kind.