Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Japanese Folklore and ancient stories

Who doesn’t love Japanese Television shows and animated cartoons? The country is famous for its rich culture and folklore but have you ever heard about their fearful stories?

Here are some of the unbelievable tales from Japan, the country which is famous for stories.

The abandoned tunnel

In the countryside of Kyushu’s Fukuoka Prefecture, there lies an abandoned village. The only access to the village is through a tunnel in which hundreds of workers were killed when in collapsed during its construction. At the very entrance of the Inunaki village, if somebody happens to even pass by, he will be greeted with warning signs which would warn that neither the constitution nor the laws are applicable there. The village was abandoned slowly by people, though the reasons aren't clear behind it. Some say that it was a widespread plague which made people run away from them, while some stories suggest that it was due to remoteness that people left the village. But the scariest reason people give is that one the villagers went crazy and murdered everyone with an axe.

Human Doll

Have you ever imagined a doll with human features? Yes, it is true. In 1918, a seventeen year -old boy in Hokkaido gifted a doll to her sister. Like any other kid, the girl child also got herself very much connected with the doll. She loved her, a lot. They both had similar haircuts too! Whether it’s morning or night, the doll was every time found with her. Months later after the demise of Okiku, the family, in memory of their daughter, named the doll after her. Then something very strange was observed by the family members- the doll’s hair was gradually growing longer! Even after cutting the hair, it kept growing naturally. It was then the family realised that they were in trouble. Confused what to do, Okiku’s father handed the doll to Mannen-ji temple in Iwamizawa city, Hokkaido. The scientists have even made claims that the hair is real human hair.


Hanako is nothing but the Japanese version of the famous Bloody Mary. It is said that you can summon it if you are brave enough or crazy enough. Hanako-san’s true backstory is unclear. Some people claim that she was one of the victims of an air raid during World War II who was hiding in the bathroom stall when her school was bombed while others claim that she ran into the bathroom to hide from someone. However, it is clear that she died inside the bathroom and you can summon her by calling her from the bathroom.