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Japanese Secret To Make Your Eyes Look Younger

Wrinkles and crow’s feet can make you look older than you are. Here is how to make your eyes look younger.

Deep fine wrinkles around the eyes might make you look older and more exhausted than you actually are. Facial wrinkles, sagging eyebrows and upper eyelids, and sunken eye corners are all signs of aging. They may investigate further if you experience facial swelling. Shiatsu is a form of massage that may be used on the area around the pupils to help return them to their healthy, natural state. In shiatsu, a sequence of pressure points is gently pressed on the face instead of being massaged in any other way.

The majority of Shiatsu practitioners are Japanese women, suggesting that this ancient art may be the key to their beautiful complexions. We were intrigued by the worldwide rise in popularity of this particular style of massage. However, only in Japan has it been officially acknowledged by the medical community. Shiatsu massages typically last approximately a minute. Do it when your eyes feel sleepy, particularly in the morning and before bed. Here, you may learn all about it.

What is Shiatsu?

The term "shiatsu" is derived from the combination of the Japanese words for "pressure" and "finger." It was first proposed by Tokujiro Namikoshi around the turn of the twentieth century. The massage's purported inventor had success in treating arthritis with it. Its foundations were on a knowledge of anatomy and the occult techniques of Tibetan medicine.

The Japanese people overwhelmingly supported this method, and official medical authorities acknowledged its usefulness. It is still widely used in Japan, especially in the cosmetics business. The man who came up with this method was actually 95 years old, although everyone thought he was considerably younger than that. He continued by saying that this concept stems from the same innate need to alleviate pain through rubbing and heat.

The Pressure Points

The pressure area includes the eyebrows' inner, middle, and outer edges. Use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger to exert pressure. To "restore" brows to their normal position, all that is required is a light upward push and some firm pressing on the skin above the eyes.

Treatment for "Crow's Feet"

You should apply pressure to the hollows of your eye sockets. Simply placing the pointy ends of your index fingers on the spots and pressing gently for a few seconds can "warm up" the region. Without letting go, you can use gentle inward pressure on the temple muscles. Care must be taken to avoid tearing the skin instead of the muscles.

Reducing Swelling

Apply force to the hollow area that forms the junction of the inside angle of the eye and the nasal bridge of the nose. By grasping the points with the tip of your fingers, you may conduct a perpendicular motion without putting unnecessary tension on the skin. You may also press the outer & inner eye corners simultaneously by forming a "fork" with your middle and index fingers.