Kasaragod: The Land of Seven Languages

Kasaragod is an offbeat destination tucked away in the Western Ghats hills of Kerala.

It’s historically significant, and also boasts the untouched beauty of nature.

It’s home to many different kinds of places, offering something to all kinds of travelers.

Kasaragod is a heavenly destination that is yet to get the popularity that it deserves. It is nestled amidst lush mountains, offering a refreshing escape from the boredom of a regular monotonous lifestyle. Also, it’s blessed with pristine beaches, backwaters, forests, and more.

Kasaragod has seven different languages, hence nicknamed the “Land of Seven Languages”. It holds a rich cultural heritage and also offers an amazing opportunity to explore the region’s various art forms.

Bekal Fort spreads over 40 acres of land

Bekal Fort – built by Shivappa Nayaka of Keladi in 1650 – is the largest and most well-maintained fort in Kasaragod. It dates back to over 300 years ago, standing as a symbol of power and resistance. The observation tower (which was used to fire the cannons) here offers a spectacular view of the mighty Arabian Sea.

There’s a mosque nearby that’s also worth a visit.

Ranipuram is a paradise for trekkers

Formerly called Madathumala, Ranipuram is located at a height of 750 meters above sea level. The entire region is covered with dense forests which further merge with the Coorg mountains. It’s home to a wide range of wildflowers, some of which boast medicinal properties. There are numerous trekking trails that offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding meadows.

Bela Church boasts a classic Gothic-style architecture

Bela Church is inarguably the most popular Roman Catholic church here. It’s also known as Our Lady of Sorrows Church and is maintained under the Mangalore Diocese. Built in 1890, it happens to be the oldest of its kind in the district. The architecture here is a sight to behold, and the natural scenery all around will surely rejuvenate your soul.

Thaikadappuram Beach is home to the Olive Ridley Turtle species

Thaikadappuram is a popular beach destination filled with picturesque scenic beauty. It lies where the Thejeswini River merges with the magnificent Arabian Sea. It boasts lots of laid-back vibes, providing an abundance of rejuvenation to your soul. It’s surrounded by forests that are adjoined to numerous captivating temples. Also, it’s home to an incredible range of fauna, especially the olive ridley turtles.

Parappa Wildlife Sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers

Parappa is located 7 km west of Vellarikundu, Odayanchal-Cherupuzha road. It’s covered with an evergreen forest which is home to several different species of plants and animals. Some of the common wildlife species here are pig, turtle, jungle cat, Slender loris, Malabar hornbill, etc. Also, it offers several opportunities to all the hiking enthusiasts out there.

You can also visit Mallikarjuna Temple, Nellikunnu Mosque, Kottancheri Hills, etc.

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