Keep Work From Home Related Health Issues at Bay

Some of the solutions to health issues you are likely to or are already encountering while working from home.

The ongoing global pandemic has brought forth unprecedented problems, solutions and scenarios, some of which seemed like a blessing but only initially. Work from home is something that falls in this category. Remember, how elated we were when we got to work from home March 2020 onwards. No more peak-hour commuting, no face-to-face meetings and no Monday blues! Ask yourself today and you’d know how desperately we want to go back to offices.

Not just our lives, this uncertain situation and the resulting WFH has started to take a toll on our health- both mental and physical. We are slowly losing our sanity, experiencing more pains and aches than in eight hours of office work and of course are missing out on the companionship, camaraderie and the office gossips! Here are some of the common health issues brought forth by WFH and the ways to overcome them:


We’ve heard people persistently complain about how office was much better than work-from-home. Reason is, we have started to realize how this new work set up has set all our routines and schedules to go haywire. To avoid the resulting burnout that occurs owing to blurring lines between office, family and me-time, set timelines and stick to them. No matter how hectic your routine is, do not work overtime and outside your usual office hours.


Human beings are social by their very nature. They need contact with other human beings to thrive. Being in isolation or working-from-home for long duration can instill a feeling of sadness and depression in them. Avoid it by constantly being in touch with your friends and colleagues who are experts at pep talks and keeping your spirits high.

Back Strain

When it comes to WFHM, its your back that’s bearing the maximum brunt. Sitting on bed or any other surface leading to an imbalanced position can put undue pressure on your back, neck, shoulder and arms, leading to strain, aches and pains. The problem can however be best resolved by taking a break every hour to indulge in some walk and stretch exercises.


With any significant change in your routine, it is your sleep that takes a major beating. Also, peering into the screen all day with no major stress relieving outlets or avenues can lead to insomnia. Best way to lull yourself to restful sleep is by keeping away all gadgets at least a couple of hours before your sleeping time to get your mind and body in that mode.

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