Kerala: Why God’s Own Country?

Kerala, God’s own country for a reason!

This South-Western state of India, is probably one of the most beautiful states in the country. Some call it paradise, thanks to the lush greenery, wealthy aesthetic beauty and the picturesque view of the towns. For people thinking of visiting this state for the first time, here is a list of things why you must actually plan a trip right away to Kerala.

Backwaters of Kerala

Exploring the backwaters of Kerala, is a must whenever you visit Kerala. The journey through the backwaters, takes you into the varied wildlife, the palm-fringed lush green scenery, and the line houses in the backwaters, will make you feel like you’re in some paradise. To experience a greater peaceful gateway, you can book your stay amid the inland lagoons and the waterways, making the most of the memorable trip.

Captivating Beaches

The beaches along the coastline of the state are the most enchanting attractions. The popular Kovalam beach, and the Varkala beach in Trivandrum, the Payyambalam beach are some of most attractive beaches that will keep you entangled with the palace for some time longer. All of these beaches, including some other renowned ones will be a part of your tranquil experience, especially when you look at the fishermen’s work.

Ayurvedic therapy

Kerala is known for its unique Ayurvedic massage centers, that remain in demand throughout the year. You’ll find yourself getting herbal massage after a tiring travel journey, which is sure of taking you into trance for a while. The Ayurvedic wellness programs are a must try for the tourists, to experience the best of Kerala.

Lip-smacking local food

The amalgamation of the various cultures of the state is reflected in its delicious cuisine. The rich spices are the most essential components of their delicacy, which also includes seafood, dosas, idiyappam (rice with curry or chickpeas), coconut chutney, idlis. Also, if you’re fond of sweets you’ll get some of the best deserts of the state, such as payasam. The variety of dishes available in the state is surely one of the major attractions the tourists seek after.

Rich culture

Kerala has for long preserved its culture, be it in the field of dance, or martial arts. Kathakali, the famous Indian dance form is a part Kerala’s culture, that shows how rich their culture and tradition is. The mesmerizing performance of the dancers, the ornate costumes, and the dance gestures all make the dance form a truly timeless tradition. Even the martial arts Kalarippayattu is an example of the heritage the state has still preserved and is proud of.

Ready to explore and experience the land of God?

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