Kieron Pollard can’t do it all by himself

Kieron Pollard has been leading the West Indies in exemplary fashion.


Bringing the pieces together

Before you understand West Indies cricket, it is necessary to understand that the team is not representing a nation like India or England or Australia, but a group of islands in the Caribbean like Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana.

Hence, it is a bit tough to have that patriotic spirit that gives you the extra push in international events.

However, the appointment of Kieron Pollard as the captain of the West Indies has brought great returns for the side. A player with such high stature and tactical acumen has been able to give them a common goal to strive towards.

The campaigns though have not always been successful, like was the case in the 2021 T20 World Cup where West Indies registered just win one out of the five matches and crashed out of the tournament.


Captain’s apology

This is what captain Kieron Pollard had to say then as he cut a sorry figure.

“I think overall has been a disappointing campaign. The batting has lived up to expectations, bowling has been decent. We could have done better with the fielding as well. Overall we weren’t good enough. But for me, it’s the end of an era where you have some guys who have done some good things for T20 cricket, not only in the Caribbean but around the world. Sometimes one tournament you don’t want to sum up the entire thing when it comes to that but rationally these guys have done pretty well for themselves and we as people are very, very proud.”

“That journey would not have just started at this World Cup. The journey would have started earlier to get points accumulated whatever needed to qualify. For us it is what it is. We have to live with that. Couple of years ago we had to qualify for the 50-over World Cup and we did. So whoever is in the position in terms of personnel now, we have to rebuild and do it. Thanks to everyone who has supported us. Thanks to the Caribbean fans, yes we disappointed you as a team, sorry. But life goes on. Thank you very much”

Saksham Mishra

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