Kitchen hacks that will make chopping fruits, vegetables easier without losing its nutrients

To ease your pre-cooking efforts, here are few kitchen hacks you can totally pull off

One of the biggest hassle of cooking is chopping veggies. It is time consuming and tedious and a first timer has no idea how to process food like a pro. This preparations task often make us to opt for cooking and instead go for take-aways. For the convenience of the users there are several  chopping/slicing/dicing equipment have been made available in the market. Yet those who use it know that it does not make much difference and moreover the occupy space in your swanky kitchen.

To ease your pre-cooking efforts, here are few kitchen hacks you can totally pull off

Chopping onions

While chopping onion, remove the head and the bottom of the onion first. If your eyes start watering, put a piece behind your ears.  Now it is easier to remove the peel. Cut is horizontally and chop it from bottom to top.

Peeling pomegranate

Peeling off pomegranate is one of the tough tasks ever. Start with  cutting in horizontally into two halves. Next fill a bowl and push the edges to open up the fruit. Hit the halves one by one with a big spoon, all the seeds will start falling out.

Slicing pineapple

Cutting a pineapple is a big hassle. A chore that often keep us away from this extremely nutrient rich fruit. So to cut and slice a pineapple, first take strong and extremely sharp knife. Then remove the crown and the base of the pineapple. Next trim the eyes and take out the skin. Cut it into four equal pieces and then chop it into small chunks of any size you want!

Peeling Mango

This fruit is too good to make you rip off and gorge on it without slicing it. But if you want to make a salad or a dessert, first cut the mango the mango vertically. The cut slices and trying to remove the flesh from the skin using a tumbler. You can also slit the slices horizontally as well as vertically and push the peel outside. Then, make a horizontal cut to remove the small pieces from the peel.

Green chillies/coriander

Don’t use knife, instead use scissors to chop the chillies and coriander. For the leaves, first take the stem with leaves and fold it two times and for the chillies this way your fingers don’t feel a burning sensation.

Tips to process vegetable the right way to not lose its nutrients

  • Always wash your vegetables before peeling them;
  • Use a sharp blade to minimise the risk of bacterial growth and prevent over softening of the vegetables.
  • If you are using for a later period, always cut/chop them in bigger pieces.

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