Knee injury and swelling: natural remedies

Moderate pain in the knee due to some injury can be treated at home.

Be it arthritis or sprain, there are various ways to treat a knee injury. Certain home remedies can improve the level of comfort temporarily. The treatment depends on the cause and uncomforted level. If you are suffering from knee pain and swelling, do not skip this article.

RICE method:

RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Rice is one of the best methods to reduce any sort of pain. Resting in proper posture is also very much important. Ice Compression means the application of ice cubes on the region of pain and swelling. The cold treatment helps in the constriction of blood vessels, as a result, the circulation decreases with temporary removal from pain and swelling. Always keep your leg in an elevated position to get the maximum benefit of this method. Furthermore, daily massage of the affected area is an effective treatment.

Low impact exercises:

Recovering from knee pain can be achieved by regular exercises. The exercises boost the bones and cartilage tissues. There are some low-impact exercises like cycling, swimming, and walking favorable for a knee injury and swelling. You may take advice from a doctor for the best exercises for a knee injury.

Weight management:

As the knee and leg hold the whole body weight, the management of weight is crucial for any knee injury. Pain and inflammation increase with body weight. It has been proved that obesity can cause some knee pain. Persons with high Body Mass Index are prone to suffer from knee pain. So proper diet and exercise are important to control the body weight.

Herbal treatment:

There are many herbs with anti-inflammatory potential. They can be used to treat pain and swelling. Ginger, cinnamon, mastic, and sesame oil are some of the well-recognized pain-relievers. If you feel the same pain in other body parts, fever, signs of rash or infection stop taking the herbal products.

Heat and cold method:

Heat and cold are the major enemies of any kind of pain. The hot compress on the knee helps in muscle relaxation and lubrication. The heat treatment also reduces the stiffness of the region. Additionally, cold treatment help in the reduction of swelling. You can use heat treatment in the morning to increase mobility and cold treatment in a later stage of the day to reduce swelling and inflammation.


It is an effective treatment of pain. There are several acupoints in your body where pressing or pricking needles help in relieving chronic and acute pain. It has been used for thousands of years in china.

Always take a large amount of vegetables and fruits when suffering from a knee injury. Never consider self-treatment a potential remedy if the pain is increasing even with such treatments. If the swelling is increased along with redness, always consult a doctor.

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