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Know about the dark side of social media influencing

Social media is all about glamour and fame nowadays but they come with a cost. There are many disadvantages of being famous and a social media influencer which people don’t know about.

If you ask few teenagers today about their life plan, at least one of them will tell you that they want to be a social media influencer. Yes, it has become a legit profession now. The glamorous side of being famous on social media is known to everyone. People see different people getting famous overnight by doing a challenge or going viral because of their dance moves or comic timing and aspire to be with them. However, there is a dark side to social media stardom which we are unaware of.

The obsession – This stardom has turned into an obsession for many social media celebrity also. After uploading their pictures or a story, they constantly check their phones for likes and notification. The worst part is, if they get less likes or reactions, it triggers anxiety in them. It has been find out that several social media influencers have complained about constant nervousness and anxiety.

The stalking – By uploading all about yourself, you do not realize that you are inviting stalkers. Privacy on the internet is a myth anyway but when you tell people about your plans, it sometimes has negative results. Let’s read about a real life story of an influencer.

Story of an influencer – Vandana, an influencer from Rajasthan, seeks to check her popularity and decides to go to a lesser known mall on a Monday afternoon. She is a social media addict who is obsessed with her growing followers and lives in a constant fear of losing out newly found fame and popularity. She enters the mall in excitement, hoping to get recognised and followed by her fans but since its Monday afternoon, there are less people in the mall.On her way out, Vandana accidentally collides with someone in the corridor. The person is a neatly dressed young man. Vandana apologizes and leaves but the guy keeps looking at her in amazement. He rushes behind her and tells her that he is her biggest fan and asks her to visit his restaurant, which is on the second floor of the mall.To Vandana’s surprise, there is no staff present in the restaurant. Aman clarifies that due to low footfall in the mall during the day, they are not serving lunch and the staff only comes after 5 pm. He, however, tells Vandana that their chefs remain there all day. Vandana figures out there is something wrong and ran away for her life. It turned out that the man was her serial stalker.

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