Know all about the ancient churches of India

They are beautiful and oozing of the ancient old history

The vast the Indian heritage and culture are, the diverse are its branches religiously. Among the dominant ancient architecture of temples, mosques, and various other prehistoric religious establishments are the great treasures of old churches. Most of us don’t know that in every part of our country, India, there is a church that has withstood time and remains the shine bright. Just like other religions, the history of Christianity and its beautifully designed churches date back to 52 AD. With Colonization came a significant era of constructing churches with profound influence from the Dutch, Portuguese, French and British. To take you down a historical lane of visiting ancient churches in India, here is your list.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

This is one of the most famous churches in India as it holds a history of around 300-years-old. This church is also renowned for preserving the remains of St. Francis Xavier. The façade and the interior architecture is some of the finest examples of Portuguese influence done with the signature Baroque style. The making of the church is a blend of five architectural styles: Roman, Ionic, Doric, Corinthian, and Composite that is carved in with precious stones, an elaborate altar with goldwork, and the fine artistic murals renditions. The critical fact is that it has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and a museum.

Paul Cathedral, Kolkata

Firstly, the critical aspect for you to visit is that it is located on the island of attractions. Secondly, it is its Gothic Revival Style architecture that brings an eerie charm to its construction. The ones who have roamed around and in the church describe the moment magically when the sunlight falls on the gorgeous arched windows with stained glass showering colours. And the best time to visit the church would be the midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

The Christ Church, Shimla

Standing tall on the famous Mall Road right in the middle of the Shimla, Christ Church is the second oldest church in North India. The first is St John’s Church in Meerut. With construction as old as 1857, the church is a beautiful creation of a neo-gothic structure built with five stained glass windows representing the Christian virtues of faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience, and humility. However, one of the other major attractions is the pipe organ, the biggest in the Indian subcontinent, installed here in 1899.

A few others are Moravian Mission Church in Leh and Francis Church in Kerala.

Nirtika Pandita

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