Know more about the fascinating street art of Bangkok, Thailand.

The very misunderstood art of graffiti is finally making its presence in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok.

Street art which was not considered a form of art in the past is slowly started to resonate with people. It was very misunderstood and often confused with vandalism than art. But street art has a unique quality of connecting common people with their surroundings. Street art can be anything from cartoon characters to serious social or political commentary. Sometimes it is just a tag that shows the presence of the artist and his creative streak on the wall. Bangkok created its own niche in this art. From unknown rookie street artists to internationally acclaimed street artists who went from graffiti to galleries, Bangkok has it all. So, let’s know more about the enchanting world of street art in Bangkok.

Street art in Bangkok.

Bangkok has always been a shopping hub and foodie’s paradise. Tourists often loved temple-hopping during the day and enjoyed the vibrant nightlife. But now you have one reason to fall in love with the city, and that is the vibrant, energetic and unconventional street art.  Like everywhere else in the world, Bangkok was also not open to the idea of street art or recognized it as a form of art. But slowly, thanks to young, energetic and extremely talented artists, the city is celebrating street art. So much so that it has earned the title of Southeast Asia’s emerging street art destination.

Bukruk Street art festival.

Much credit for popularizing street art should definitely go to the Bukruk Street art festival, which is the first international festival celebrating street art that is organized every year in Thailand. The literal meaning of the word Bukruk is “invasion” and that is what do by invading the city centre with their art and creativity. Eleven Thai artists and almost sixteen European street artists collaborated and organized exhibitions in the areas like Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre and walls around the bustling city centre. The festival is organized by Nemo studio, BKK Arthouse, and Toot Yung Gallery.

Prominent Thai Street artists.

Two stellar names in the Thai street art scene would, without a doubt, be PatcharapolTangruen or better known as Alex Face, and DanaiphatLersputtitrakan or Bon. They both have been critically acclaimed artists who have held an exhibition of their work in places such as London, Korea and Taiwan. Another Thai artist that deserves a lot of attention is Bonus TMC. You can spot his work in the streets of Phra Khanong.

So, have you seen the grandeur of Thai street art?

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