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Know The Features Of Whatsapp Business Accounts

In order to increase growth of the business, one cannot ignore Whatsapp, which helps to connect with its more than 2 Billion users.

Not only is the count of the users on this platform high, but also the engagement rate of the WhatsApp users is tremendously high; the users on Whatsapp send approximately 65 billion messages each day, which can be stated as 750,000 messages each second. In comparison to the traditional email marketing strategies, it has been identified that the message sent from your WhatsApp business account is likely to be viewed by the customers within 5 minutes. Whatsapp undoubtedly is one of the core platforms to build better relationships with the customers for the businesses.

WhatsApp business account automatic greeting facility.

The business account is WhatsApp enables us to draft a greeting message that the customers will get when they initiate a conversation. The greeting message can be stated as the mode to welcome your customer or introduce your company to a new customer with no waiting time. The instant greeting message could act as an online PR in this scenario for our business as it helps in reputation management.

Categories your customers using label contact for an easy and smooth conversation.

We know that all the customers do not fall under one category; in the present scenario, in order to serve best to the customer, we should always remember that each and every customer is unique. WhatsApp business accounts have made it easy for businesses to categorize their customers; for example, a cake shop could categorize their customers using label contacts as new customers, wedding cakes, pending payments, orders completed etc. 

Business Catalogs are essential, and WhatsApp gives you the ability to post your business catalogues.

The visualization of the product is much more important than describing the product merely. The catalogues of your business help in showcasing the products to the customers so that they could easily get an idea about the product, choose their preferred item and buy the product instantly. The catalogue feature in your WhatsApp business accounts cuts down many other tedious tasks such as sending every item picture, description and price one by one. Here, it is conveniently grouped on your Whatsapp business page, and the customer purchase journey becomes much easier.

Apart from all the features discussed above regarding WhatsApp business accounts, the interactive business message is also one of the core features; there are two different types of buttons, the Call To Action (CTA) button and the quick reply button.

So, are you ready to start your WhatsApp business account and enrich your customer?


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