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Know the longest forts of India

They tell a tale and contain the history of centuries

This historical centuries-old land of India is home to some of the majestic heritage sites and monuments that continue to blow our minds. Through the decades that India was ruled by various kings and warriors; they built and left behind a piece of that generation through the various architectural marvels. Standing tall with the test of time, the forts in India tell the tale of the residents that lived and owned the place once. Here is a list of some of the longest forts in India.

The Chittorgarh Fort

Located in Chittorgarh, it is also known as Chittorgarh or Chittor Fort and is one of the largest forts in India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site spread over a hill of 590.6 ft in height and covering an area of 691.9 acres. It is nicely situated above the plains of the valley drained by the Berach River. Inside the fort are 65 historic structures, comprising four palaces, 19 large temples, 20 large water bodies, four memorials, and a few victory towers. In the initial days, the fort was the capital of Mewar. Originally named Chitrakut, the fort is said to have been built by a local Mori Rajput ruler Chitrangada Mori. And that is how, according to the local legends, the fort derives its name from its builder.

The Red Fort

Located inChandniChowk in Delhi, this is also known as the LalQila. It is the second-largest historic fort in India and in the current scenario, an important political ground. This fort in Old Delhi was once the main residence of the Mughal Emperors. The construction of the fort was commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1638. The architect of the fort is said to be Ustad Ahmad Lahori, famous for designing the TajMahal. The architecture of the fort is a combination of Persianate architecture with Indian traditions. This fort has witnessed the most atrocities of being taken away of its artwork and jewels during Nadir Shah’s invasion in 1739.

Mehrangarh Fort

Located in Jodhpur, the fort stands at an altitude of 410 feet above the surrounding level and is the third-largest fort in India. The fort was constructed around 1459 by Rajput ruler RaoJodha and spread over an area of 1,200 acres. Inside the complex are many palaces loaded with intricate carvings, courtyards, and museums. The fort has seven gates, including Jai Pol meaning ‘victory gate’ that was built by Maharaja Man Singh. The Fattehpol was built to commemorate the victory of Maharaja Ajit Singh over the Mughals. On the second gate, one can see the impression of cannonballs fired by the attacking armies of Jaipur.

Nirtika Pandita

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