Know The Perfect Pair Of Jeans For Every Body Shape

Here is how to make sure that you buy the jeans that are made for your body type.

You probably wear your jeans more than any other item of clothing you possess, but have you ever thought about why that is? It’s really versatile and will always help you feel and look your finest. However, by now you should know that not even jeans come in a universal size. But you may find a pair that fits you like a glove and flatters your figure. What you need to know about your body type and how to select the best-fitting pair of jeans is included in this article. You’ll find your ideal companionship in this article, so keep reading!

Triangle and pear-shaped bodies

It’s crucial to invest in a stylish and comfortable pair of jeans. Look for jeans in the following lengths if you would like to emphasize your curves and booty. A bootcut or flared pant can help you keep your pelvis in proportion by covering off any excess flesh in that area. You may combine your favorite pair of heels with your favorite pair of bootcut or fit jeans thanks to the added length. Your legs will look longer and leaner as a result. High-rise jeans are more flattering on more figures. Finding a pair of jeans that fits well in the midsection and doesn’t display too much flesh at the back is a challenge for most women with wider hips. If you have a great physique, show it off by wearing loose-fitting tops and slacks or shorts with wide back pockets.

Hourglass body

You can pull off any style and still look amazing, thanks to your amazing figure. Jeans, in particular, are most flattering for women with hourglass bodies. You should feel confident showing off your legs because your bust and hips are proportionately attractive. If you want to minimize the appearance of your waist, choose a pair of pants with a higher rise. Choose pants with somewhat big back pockets to bring attention to your butt. Find a pair of flared jeans that fits closely above the knee and then flares out slightly below the knee.

Apple shaped body

People who have problems finding pants that fit properly in the lower abdomen might benefit from this. Here are a few red flags to watch out for. If you’re self-conscious about certain parts of your body, a flowy shirt in the gypsy style paired with thin jeans is a perfect solution. High-rise jeans are ideal if you want to hide your stomach. You may accentuate your apple form by wearing low-rise jeans. As a final compromise, consider a pair of skinny jeans; the wider leg from the hip to the foot will elongate your figure.

Rectangular body

To get a refined style, long inseams are recommended. They help you look leaner and more put together. Wear an ankle cuff with your ankle boots to seem more in style. You may enhance your body and yet look trendy. Regardless of your body type, skinny jeans will always be your best friend. Pick the pair that draws the greatest attention to your hips and thighs. Select a high rise if you want to draw attention to your vertical stature; select a low rise if you want to draw attention to your slender legs.


Indrani Karmakar from Siliguri is a writer and artist. After graduating in Political science, she broadened her horizons and dived into the world of creativity. She loves adding humour and innovation to everything in and around her. When she is not working, you will find her collecting oddly shaped pebbles, doodling, crafting, and if you are really lucky- you can even catch her humming!
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