Know your Summer Essential Fruit Diet

Do not let the summertime blues swamp you with these pocket-friendly fruit choices!

Indian Meteorological Department has mapped how summer in India intensified its heat from 1998 onwards. The blazing streets turn houses into a sweltering furnace. While sipping on cold beverages might be an alluring option, it is certainly not a healthy one! Here’s an essential note of summer fruit melange to help you cool it off!

Mangoes: Mangoes have 83% water content. Not only dear to Indians for its deliciousness and versatility in kitchens, but also for its potential in preventing heat stroke and improving the immune system. Mango has rich fibre content, pectin, Vitamin C, A, antioxidants and carotenoids that keep you healthy and fun in the scorching summer days. Women are especially advised a diet replete with mangoes for the fruit helps in increase iron and calcium content.

Blueberries: Sweet and abundant with prebiotic, berries are friendly to your gut. Blueberries are must for a glowing skin otherwise ravaged by heat, sun and pollution. Besides with all the fibre intake, you feel energetic and keep at bay cardiovascular diseases. The berries can be strewn over a bowl of oatmeal, cereal, pancakes or smoothies to extract all the goodness of it!

Cucumber:  With 95% water content, cucumbers are best for hydrating and detoxifying you during summer. The abundance of cucumber does not stop there. Rich in potassium and Vitamin E, a diet with plenty of fresh cucumber slices prevents indigestion, regulates blood pressure and helps in weight loss. The fruit also takes care of your skin even during the harrowing, peak summer by cleansing and brightening it up!

Papaya: Papaya is trusted since centuries for hydrating and refreshing the body as you try to beat the heat! A papaya diet has plenty of Vitamins A, C, magnesium and folate which supply us energy, lower cancer risk, build healthy immune system, fight acne and prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Papaya face masks are strongly recommended for hydrated and plump skin.

Watermelon: This fruit flourishes around the world in `1200 varieties. Water content? 92%. Regulated intake of watermelon arms you with the necessities of beating fatigue, muscle soreness and asthma attacks. Watermelons are low in calories and are a pre-requisite in summer. Lycopene, in watermelons, shields you from sun, high cholesterol and heart diseases. Daily sip of watermelons is also good for kidneys that are mostly wrecked in summer as we sweat frantically and keep on losing moisture.

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