Lachung: A hill station less explored

The little hamlet of Lachung is Sikkim’s little majestic secret.

Imagine a little multicoloured hamlet swaddled by the snow-capped Himalayas. That’s Lachung. Rightly called the most picturesque village in Sikkim by Joseph Dalton Hooker in The Himalayan Journal, this northernmost town of Sikkim remains unexplored, away from the multitude of tourists. On summer months, there is greenery all around. On winters, it becomes Sikkim’s snowy little village with its multi-coloured houses throwing a pop of colour in the snow. There are wild rhododendrons that grow in the wild, number of fruits orchards and a majestic beauty in its aloofness.

Lachung is located 114 kms from the state capital Gangtok. The roads leading to this nature’s marvel won’t be too good, but the scenic route makes up for it. Lachung, in the summer months, is green with wildflower, colourful meadows, sparkling brooks and the right temperature for exploration. It is however, in the winters that the northern-ness of Lachung can be experienced fully. Winter snowfall makes Lachung it looks like a page out of a wintry fairytale.

Other places to look around Lachung-

  1. Yumthang Valley – At an altitude of 11800 ft, Yumthang Valley is shot out of a painting. At the end of the trek where the tree line ends, the entire valleys in vision is mesmerising. The multicoloured rhododendrons fill the grassy valley with the humongous Himalayas as the backdrop.
  2. Lachung Monastery – Lachung Monastery, build in the 1800’s is a spiritual and cultural spot for the Buddhists. It houses several ancient statues, and the walls have beautiful murals painted on them.
  3. Saga Dawa Festival – The monsoon months are not to be ignored for it is during the monsoon that the highly anticipated Saga Dawa Festival is celebrated. This festival marks the death of Lord Buddha who had asked his followers not to weep but to pass on the sublimity of the human body. The monastery also celebrates a mask festival during winters that is quite unique.
  4. Rhododendrons all around – They grow in valleys, on roadsides, in the bushes, and they have a sanctuary just for the rhododendrons. There are almost 24 types of different varieties of them.
  5. Waterfalls – The two waterfalls – Bhim Nala and Naga Falls drop with tier and the trek up the waterfalls can be challenging but the view is worth it.
  6. Zero Point trek – A cannot-be-missed place in Lachung, Zero Point is where the roads come to an end. The extremely freezing conditions, the view of China and the numerous yaks and the whole snowy aesthetic make it a must-see place in Lachung.
  7. Mount Katao trek – The trek up Mount Katao is majestic with alpine trees alongside and trees like poppies, primula will enthral you.

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