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Lactose Intolerant? Here Are 7 Ways to Enjoy Dairy Still

Missing out on the luscious dairy products due to being lactose intolerant? Here are the best remedies to devour them without suffering any bothersome side effects.

As a person who is lactose intolerant, passing by the dairy shop must feel like torture. The delicious ice-creams calling out to you, and all you can say is, “grapes are sour!” The momentary happiness on the lips results in long stretches of obnoxious digestive difficulties makes us dread them. Well, don’t be dismayed, for we have the perfect strategy by which you can savour dairy without bothering about the undesired consequences of it.

  1. Switch To Lactose-Free Milk-

IF you feel nothing helps the condition and each time you drink milk, it only increases your digestion ailments, switch to lactose-free milk. The readily available milk has all proteins in it without the agent triggering your stomach.

  1. Take Helping Enzymes-

If you break the lactose intolerance down, it comes down to deficiency of enzymes that fails to digest the milk. Some people fail to produce lactase to keep up with the digestion of dairy. To help your body, you can take enzyme tablets before drinking dairy, or a few drops of lactase in your milk and wait for 24 hours to consume it.

  1. Switch To Yogurt And Probiotics-

Yoghurt and probiotics increase the friendly bacteria in your stomach, making it easier for you to process milk sugar. To some extent, including these in your diet will help you get rid of the problem, and you can enjoy dairy again.

  1. Try Hard Cheese-

Hard cheese is naturally low in lactose in comparison to processed cheese. If you intend to take milk proteins without the risk of aching stomach, cheese is the better option to look into.

  1. Start Smaller-

There are degrees to how much your stomach acids can digest the milk proteins. If you are slight, lactose intolerant, you can possibly get sick with a glass full of smoothie, but that does not mean you have to live without it for life. You can consume half a glass and increase the amount, gradually giving your body the time to cope with it.

  1. Mealtime Consumption-

Milk proteins are heavier on the body to digest, and having it on an empty stomach often increases your risks of creating digestive illness. If you are more prone to intolerance created by dairy, have dairy products with other meals to decrease the risk of gastric issues.

  1. Spacing It Out-

One mistake we often make is in the spacing out of snacks. If you have a cup of milk in the morning, give your body rest from milk till it can digest the fatty proteins comfortably. Depending on how allergic you are, you can keep your consumption to once a day.

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