Landmarks in Thailand that are a must visit

When in Thailand, you should definitely pay a visit to these sites…

When you hear Thailand the instant image that comes to mind are temples, heritage sites, culturally important landmarks and more. Most tourists who visit the country make sure to visit some of the iconic landmarks there which have a rich past and background. So if you too like to delve into a country’s heritage and history, let us tell you about these landmarks in Thailand that you absolutely cannot miss!

The Grand Palace, Bangkok – If you are planning a trip to Bangkok then visiting the Grand Palace should be on your to-do list. Built by the kings of the Chakri dynasty, this place houses the oldest temple in Thailand that has a thousand-year-old emerald Buddha statue. Since the Royal family does not live on this premise anymore, tourists can roam around freely and soak in all the great architecture and history the place has to offer.

Wat RongKhun, Chiang Rai – Commonly known as the White Temple, the Wat RongKhun is probably one of the most spectacular buildings in all of Thailand. Built in 1977, the entire building looks something out of a fairytale because of its marble white colour and pristine reflections on the lake. There are hundreds of sculptures here too for you to explore.

Bridge over the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi – Another famous landmark which symbolizes the wrath caused to Thailand during wars. Many film and books have mentioned this bridge and it is one of the biggest tourist attractions due to amount of wartime stories the place carries. It was in fact part of the Death Railway which was built by prisoners of war in World War II, most of who did not survive.

State Tower, Bangkok – The city of Bangkok is known for its towering skyscrapers and modern architecture. The State Tower skyscraper is one such building which attracts tourists from all over the world. It houses the luxurious Lebua Hotel and is known for its beautiful golden dome where people can sit and enjoy food and drinks.

KhaoYai National Park, Hin Tung – While this is not a monument per say, it surely is one landmark that you cannot miss when in Thailand. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and houses several rainforests and bamboo forests. If you are interested in animal watching as well, then this park has several exotic animals like black bear, tiger and more…

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