Largest Flower Shows in the World

The Vastness and Beauty Of Which Will Amaze You

We all love flowers, one of nature’s most beautiful creations. The beauty of the flowers makes us curious to know more about them. There are some flower festivals around the world that will remind you of the garden of paradise. Some of these flower shows will be highlighted today which are the main destination of many tourists every year. 

Flower Show in Singapore

The “Gardens By the Bay” of Singapore hosts a huge flower show every year. Fifty above flower designers from around the world have been hired to design this annual event, which is 16 years old. This flower show is enriched in July every year with about one thousand species of flowers. More than three lakh tourists come here every year to enjoy the environment.

Flower Show of Melbourne

For 27 years, Melbourne’s Flower Show has been at the centre of the world’s flower lovers. Entrepreneurs of Melbourne” host it every year in the month of April at Carlton Park” in “Melbourne”. Flowers from different parts of the world get a place in this show. About 10000 visitors visit “Melbourne” in April every year to enjoy this wonderful flower show. The Melbourne Flower Show is one of the largest and most popular flower shows nowadays.

Flower Show of Ellerslie, New Zealand 

New Zealand is not far behind in organizing flower shows. About 50,000 visitors come to “Ellerslie”, “New Zealand” every year to visit this flower show. About 500 species of flowers are kept in this show. The show, which has been running for 26 years, is held in February every year.

Flower Show of Philadelphia, US

Held in Philadelphia, USA, this flower show is one of the oldest and most traditional flower shows in the world. It was started in 1829.The show is held on a specific day in the month of June every year. About 250,000 tourists from all over the world come here every year to see this huge eight day long flower show. It is also one of the biggest flower competitions.

Flower Show of Thane, India

It is known as the “Vaikunth Flower Show”. This amazing flower show is organized by “Piramal Real Estate Group” of India. 18 gardens are decorated with flowers in January in this show at “Thane”, “Mumbai”.This flower show lasts for seven days every year. Different species of flowers like roses, dahlias, orchids etc. are the special attraction of this show.

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