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Last-Minute Guests? – Tips to be ready

Let’s not panic about short-notice guests.

Hosting a party is fun. But last-minute guests are quite the hassle, especially if you haven’t made the house tidy in a while. Unexpected guests give us little time to make the house worthy of guests. There’s so much to do when you get the phone call that your college friend Kathy is nearby and will drop by, or your Uncle Jim and his kids would drop by on their way from college visits. If you are fan of hosting, these last minute calls would send you in a mode of sprinting, gathering stray items, fluffing the pillows, ordering food in, visiting your nearest Walmart.

But messy house, no stock of grocery, kids running amock and pets having accidents around the house. You wonder if your house smells of baby poo or if the curtains still smell of monsoon, if the bathroom is clean enough for guests and if the guest room is all made up. Whatever the concern, last minute guests can be a little intimidating.

Here are a few tips to help you be ready

Most used room deserves your first attention

The one room your guests might most definitely use is the bathroom. So get the gloves out, clean the sink and every other surface. Don’t forget to check if the flush is working. Hang up a bathroom freshener. Keep fresh towels. Get the fancy soap out. Clean the mirrors.

Go for spot cleaning

You don’t have time for a deep thorough cleaning. Instead go for near visible areas and rub them down. Throw in the dirty dishes. Make sure the mirrors are wipes clean. Dust off tables and countertops.

Keep cookie dough in the over

Or even better, bake something. The aroma of freshly baked cookies is always a welcoming smell.

Clutter and conceal, it’s okay

Even if concealing clutter gives you the ick, last minute arrivals mean you need to grab all the toys, books, wires and store them in a cabinet. Clothes that need to be folded throw them in the closet and deal with them later. Conceal now, declutter later.

Open some windows to let fresh air

If you have pets and litter boxes, clearing out air is important. Create cross channeling of wind by opening windows. Turn on the fan to clear the air. Deodorize with some scented candles to create a welcoming scent.

Order takeout and throw them in a pot

No time to cook? No ingredients in the fridge wither? Order food online and throw them in a pot to heat them up before serving it to your guests.


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