Leadership Virtues to Learn from House of Cards

Certainly, the scheming nature of Frank Underwood has struck a chord even within the honchos of Silicon Valley

House of Cards might have a series of frayed ends of unresolved storylines, ideological conundrums, asides, historical references, obscure accidences and other bummers, but the series preaches about desirable, effective and ethical leadership qualities also practical in real life.

Leaders Do Not Let Go of Faith

The resilience that compels one to push forward without losing resolve is a major stepping-stone to achieving success. Leaders would be inundated with hurdles, and often they might be alone in combating those; abandoned by people they confided in and trusted. Nonetheless, a leader must persevere no matter how much others’ confidence and support fade away. This resolve to carry on and put up a fight is strongly advocated by the show.

 A Leader Never Betray Comrades

The lover’s quarrel between Frank and Claire represent the epitome of ying-yang in partnership. They are two quirky and eccentric souls who reciprocate each other’s neuroses to climbing zeniths of success. Later, the balance and harmony are disrupted, and both Frank and Claire suffer a series of destruction and losses. Housed of Cards bears testimony to the fact that having a support system and co-pilot is immensely resourceful than flying alone. The stakes might be higher, but ditching your partner could complicate the process of weathering storms.

As a Leader, Inspire your People

A leader’s primary obligation is to motivate and inspire people instead of taming their spirit or breaking their willpower. It involves being less condescending and more trusting towards the people and picking them up. The show bears testimony to the fact that reprimands could be reverential too. Also, leaders do not abandon their people to wade through the muck.

Leaders are Problem Solvers and Achievers

Underwood hardly broods over failures and setbacks, and instead of contemplating and nit-picking, tries to work through problems to stumble on remedies. Even when confronted with the ambitious plan of creating jobs for every American, he persevered with utmost honesty and candour. It shows how Frank not merely demonstrates resilience but the rare ability to detect silver lining in every cloudy conundrum. America Works plan is perhaps the best manifestation of the leadership qualities the protagonist represents.

The beauty of House of Cards lies in its delicate treatment of transient feelings and fleeting moments of life during which even the grandest and most concrete elements are bound to crumble. It is possible to find oneself at crossroads. House of Cards never shies away from emphasising the commendable attributes of a potent leader.

Puja Sinha

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