Published By: Satavisha

Learn the Correct Ways Of Disposing of Plastic Waste: Find Out the Different Types of Plastic And Which Ones Are Recyclable

From debit cards to toothbrushes, most of the things we touch and use today are made of plastic. It is time to switch to sustainable waste disposal practices and recycle our plastics.

Plastic that does not get recycled or reused is either incinerated, dumped in landfills, or ends up in the oceans. If you are searching for green techniques to help the planet and its environment, consider recycling your plastics. However, tossing all your plastic items into the recycling bin will not remedy the problem. You should be well informed about which plastic varieties are recyclable and which ones need to be disposed of in the trash. Here are some vital details that you must know to help reduce waste generation.

Segregation is key

If you want to effectively dispose of waste, begin with the segregation process to manage waste better. Segregate your waste into different categories based on its elements and properties. Plastic waste must be kept separate from organic and liquid or wet waste. The segregation technique will help hand over the plastic waste for recycling.

Thermoplastics can be recycled.

Thermoplastics are made of materials that can be melted and remolded. They are produced with pellets that become soft when heated but do not bond chemically—making them recyclable, and their physical properties remain unchanged. Additionally, thermoplastics are bendable, high-strength, and shrink-resistant.

Thermoset plastics cannot be recycled.

Thermoset plastics are made of cross-linked polymers with permanent bonding that forbids the material from softening or melting when exposed to high temperatures. You cannot melt these plastics to create a new material. Hence, they are not recyclable.

Plastic items you should not recycle

You cannot recycle plastic items that are dirty or even have food residue. However, a lot of plastic materials can be recycled after washing. Owing to their properties and composition, you should not recycle items like plastic bags, sandwich bags, bubble wraps, plastic cups, coffee cups, takeout containers, cups made of polystyrene foam, plastic buckets, toys, paperclips, bottle caps, and more.

Plastic items you should recycle

Items that you can toss into the recycling bin should ideally be made of polyethylene terephthalate or PET—a strong and clear plastic. These are smooth, heat-resistant, and clear plastics that include bottles for juice, water, mouthwash, and sports drinks, jars for peanut butter, jelly, and pickles, plastic jugs, microwavable food trays, and more.

Follow this guide to recycle your plastic waste and be a green citizen!