Learn the easy method to prepare an avocado almond face mask

Get full information about making homemade avocado and almond face masks.

To reduce dark spots, learn a few easy steps to make your own healing recipe at your home without spending a bomb. A mixture of avocado and almonds is a great combination to heal all your dark spots.

Take distilled water

This acts as a vehicle as well as a major solvent for water-soluble components and we can only use water that would be free of pollutants, toxins, and microbes in the formulation of face masks. As we all know that distilled water has exceptional purity as well as removing all impurities from it.

Mix Sweet avocado oil

Avocados are mainly high in biotin and also presence of VItamin B complex when used topically, biotin is majorly proven to help or prevent dry skin. Avocado oil is highly rich in antioxidants, omega-9 fatty acids, plant sterols as well as vitamins such as C and E and minerals. When applied together, these nutrients help to aid in creation of skin cells, remove dead skin cells and reduce chances of allergic reactions. At the end it acts as a natural moisturizer and cleanser.

Mix Sweet almond oil

Almond oil is usually used to decrease dark circles and bags under the eyes and also aids in lightning of darker skin areas. Sweet almond oil has anti-aging properties and UV protection.

Application of Glycerin

It has humectant, protects water loss from deeper layers of the skin that too from the finished products. It aids in the reduction of dryness, keeps your skin hydrated and rejuvenates the skin’s surface. Glycerin also contains antibacterial properties and it helps to prevent infections simultaneously. Glycerin tightens, soothes and firms the skin which also develops a barrier of protection, brightens your skin and improves skin complexion.

Candelilla wax

Other symptoms of aging such as age spots, wrinkles and stretch marks are majorly reduced by using Candelilla wax. It moisturizes parched as well as scaly skin by making it smoother as well as camellia wax has binding agent for quick fusing components.

Sandalwood powder

It is a natural component that aids with uneven skin tone as well as tanning while also slowing down the entire process of aging.


Preservation of the product comes after preparation, the skin is protected from microorganisms, obnoxious odors or foul, as well as risk of discomfort and irritation, gets reduced.


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