LEGOLAND: 6 reasons why Lego are the world’s favourite toys

The colourful set of tiny bricks are ruling the mind of adults and kids alike for seven decades. Know why the world can’t get enough of Lego.

You would hardly find somebody who has never played with Lego or even heard about them. The Danish Toy company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kristiansen, went from being a small family business to a worldwide phenomenon. Many toy companies have tried to replicate the brick construction blocks, but nobody can scale the love kids, and even adults have for Lego. Here are some reasons why they are the world’s most loved toys.

  1. Something for everyone

The best part of Lego blocks is that it is not just for kids, but rather something kids and adults can enjoy. The joy of making a Lego car or building can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Even David Beckham plays with Lego sets often, and feels it relieves his stress, helps him keep his calm.

  1. Promotes logical thinking in children

Confused about the perfect gift for your 5-year-old. Give them a Lego set. Playing with Lego helps with the reasoning and logical thinking in the kids. Kids learn how to stack blocks together and make something out of it.

  1. Develops fine motor skills

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that no other toy would help to hone the fine motor skills in your child as a Lego. The small Lego bricks joined together can sometimes be hard to separate, and the tiny hands of the child have to put in a lot of effort, thus improving his pincer movement and handgrip.

  1. They last forever

Lego is known for its longevity. They are made up of such high-quality material that unless you lose them, there is no way your Lego set won’t last you for years and years. Sometimes parents pass on their Lego sets to their kids as toy heirloom, Funny but true.

  1. Makes you much more Creative

Your creativity is heightened when you play with Lego, irrespective, if you are a kid or not. Each Lego set come with an instruction booklet. But for most people and kids, the real challenge is to let your creative juices flow and make new shapes.

  1. Quality Family time

There is no better way to keep Gadgets aside and spend some quality time with family and bonding over a set of Lego. Truly, Lego is bringing families closer.

Lego is made out two Danish words “Leg” and “Godt” which means Play well. So, Message is loud and clear, Play well, world!

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