Published By: Sohini

Lesser known facts about Bollywood’s King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan

From his early life to his parents and family, all you need to know about the much-loved actor.

The King Khan of Bollywood (aging like a fine wine) has blessed Bollywood with several blockbusters over a time period. There are a few facts that could be lined up that you probably did not hear before.

A son of a freedom fighter from Pakistan: Badshah of Bollywood was the son of a handsome 6 '2'' tall Pathan from Pakistan. He was considered one of the youngest freedom fighters in India to struggle for Independence. Shah Rukh Khan’s father had a good sense of humor and was very intelligent. Shah Rukh’s father has done his MA, L.L.B., and was also familiar with multiple languages like Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi, Punjabi, English, and Pashto. His father was an advocate but could not succeed in that profession, after that he even tried to do business like furniture, and transportation and later on became a restaurateur and also a kerosene dealer in Delhi.

His parents had a love marriage: Both of them met incidentally in an unusual environment wherein, his mother got badly injured in a car accident and also needed blood. In this process of helping her, they both fell in love, even though his father was 11 years older than his mother.

Shah Rukh Khan’s mother (A woman of Iron will): His mother was an elegant and beautiful woman from Hyderabad. She was quite ahead of her times as she was one of the women who took a first-class magistrate degree from the University of Oxford, England. Apart from that, Shah Rukh’s mother was a social worker who had even worked with Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India.

Shah Rukh’s introverted sister: She was 6 years older than King Khan and was very close to her parents. Shah Rukh’s sister was educated as she had a degree in Management as well as an MBA degree in Psychology. His sister even worked as an officer for India Gandhi Memorial. After the demise of their parents, his sister became very quiet but earlier she was the most extroverted person.

Shah Rukh Khan got arrested for illegal dealing: He was once arrested on charges of illegal dealing of kerosene in New Delhi and soon got released as well. The alleged hoarding was basically done by an agency run by Shah Rukh Khan's late mother.

The King Khan of Bollywood has captured the hearts of millions across the world with his marvelous acting, awesome personality, and charm that would reside within us for ages.