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Lesser known facts about Rajesh Khanna

The first superstar of Hindi Cinema, Rajesh Khanna once said that it is so simple to be happy but it is also difficult to be simple.

Keep reading to know more about the romantic hero of all time:

Real name and identity of Rajesh Khanna

The first and foremost fact is that the real name of Rajesh Khanna was Jatin Khanna but later on he changed his name at the behest of his uncle as he was raised by his uncle and not his parents.

Stepping into the film industry

In the year of 1965, Rajesh Khanna was selected for movies under United Producers as well as Filmfare. The main fact was that he was searching for a new hero through a show wherein 10 thousand people had given their audition, but only 8 of them were finalized and among them, Rajesh Khanna was declared the winner.

Family background of Rajesh Khanna

As most people do not know that Rajesh Khanna belonged to an affluent family, wherein a car used to be a cream for many, and there Rajesh Khanna was one of the ones who used to come by car to ask for work in films.

Popularity phase

Rajesh Khanna was popular among girls that people used to say that fans, especially girls, used to write letters to him with their own blood, not only this but many girls got married to his photo as well. Apart from that, most of the girls got Rajesh Khanna’s name tattooed on their body parts.

Popularity in the film industry from the start of his career

Director-producers used to line up in front and outside of Rajesh Khanna’s house to make him act in their films. Not only this, but producers were even ready to pay Rajesh Khanna an exorbitant price.

Suffered from a major health condition

It has been found from various news that Superstar Rajesh Khanna was once admitted to the hospital for a piles operation. And the makers booked the rooms in the hospital so that they can easily sign Rajesh Khanna for upcoming films as soon as they get a chance.

Rajesh Khanna’s love and married life

After the successful wedding of Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna, a short video of them and their wedding has been filmed as well as shown in the theatres across India at that time before the film even got started.

How many from the list did you know about Kaka Babu, who eventually became the biggest superstar of that time?