Lesser Known Facts About The Oldest Civilizations In The World

Ready to be astonished? Here are some mind-blowing facts about our ancient civilisations.

As a history buff, the ancient civilisations of the world must attract you beyond the limit. Their advanced living, architectures and findings sure are notice worthy. Some have captured the imaginations of modern people and leading industries. The mixture of mysterious primitives and customs is what sets them away from just ordinary. Here are some of the bizarre facts about ancient civilisations that will take readers by surprise.

The Income Gap-

People living in Ancient Rome in 150 CE had lesser income inequality than residents living in progressive cities of the world now!

The Beauty Standards-

Did you just pluck out your unibrow? Because in ancient Greece, unibrow was a sign of beauty and intelligence in women. If you didn’t have one, there was makeup to cover you up!

Crooked Nose Wins!

In ancient Rome, having a crooked nose was a sign of leadership. Imagine being born to royalty and shunned for having a sharp nose!

Glamorous Red-

Even though where the red carpet theory came into being? It was in ancient Greece. Agamemnon’s play mentions a crimson path that was denoted by a red way kept solely for gods.

The Cross-Eye Looks-

Mayans believed that having cross-eyes meant you were favoured by KinichAhau, the sun god. Children would have objects dangling between eyes in the hope that it would get their eyes crossed.

Long Noses-

While you are happy with your looks, Mayans were not so content! Having a small nose would mean they would wear prosthetics to have their nose look longer than natural.

Why Enslave When You Can Engage!

Ancient Romans did not believe in ill-treating their slaves. They gave a bonus to their slaves to improve their productivity. Much like modern-day working!

Not As Ancient As We Think!

While we think there is a long time between us and the ancient civilisations, to calculate, there are just 2607 years between them.

Ancient AC-

Romans ran cold water duct pipes in their houses to keep their homes cool during hot days. These water supplied baths and fountains to utilise the water. The towns had a perfect sewage system to keep the city clean.

Ball Games-

The games we have today are not different from the ancient games. Mayans loved playing games with the ball that was passed into the hoop, much like modern-day basketball.

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