Let’s talk about shows that are based on video games that you should watch at least once!

Video games have always been a favorite among kids, teens as well as adults…

Such popularity of games actually made production companies think of scripts around some games.

So if you are a video game as well as a series lover…

Here are some of the best shows based on video games that you will absolutely love…

While earlier people played video games for passing the time or to have fun with friends, more and more opportunities have come up when it comes to games. Nowadays, people play for money and also for becoming streamers. And thus, gaming companies have taken such interest into notice and started making it even better and more interactive. However, along with companies, several scriptwriters have also taken up this opportunity and turned some famous video games into shows which have been taken up by platforms like Netflix and Amazon. Here we list out a few of the best shows based on video games…


This Netflix series has to be on the top of the list when it comes to shows based on video games. With the background of the game League of Legends esports universe, Arcane was created by Riot Games and a French animation studio. The product? Well, Arcane is not only an ingeniously created animation masterpiece; it also has a brilliant story that will keep you hooked!

The Witcher

Another score for Netflix here with this series which has Henry Cavill is playing the lead role. Based on a namesake video game, this one was liked by the viewers not just because it remains true to the game but also because it has a brilliant cast and script.


Coming to the classics, Pokemon has been a huge part of the 90s kids who grew up watching it on the TV. But did you know that it is actually based on a video game that has only been developed more and more throughout the years? Whether it is the new age Pokemon Go or the old classic game, this has been one of the biggest hit shows based on a video game.


Another incredibly popular show, Castlevania, is actually based on the game with the same name that was launched way back in 1986! While the game is still going on, the show too attracted a lot of viewership because of sticking true to the original game and also because…well…it has one of the best-written villains ever!

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