Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know

Uncover these lifesaving skills to protect yourself and others from any unexpected peril.

Trouble never announces itself before striking out of the blue. We often find ourselves wedged in situations with nothing to help us but our experiences. At such times of crisis, your knowledge, calm and common sense comes to business that enables you to save the situation. Here are a few things to learn, which will help you protect life.

  1. CPR-
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR techniques have undergone developments over the years, but the primary call for emergency service and giving chest compression if the victim is unable to breathe is the same. Though it requires professional training classes, learning CPR can revive someone with immediate aid while the ambulance and health service arrives.
  1. Heimlich Exercise-
You must have seen in movies when an adult chokes over a bit of candy, how someone from behind wraps arms around the victim and presses fist above the upper abdomen. The thrust expels the object blocking the windpipe and will get the person exhaling again. Such a technique can save anyone's life easily but requires proper education to start with.
  1. Fighting Hypothermia-
Hypothermia is a condition where the temperature of the body descents to a point where the cerebral and nervous system collapses. The symptoms might be stubborn shivering, shortage of inhalation and drowsing off. The immediate help is to remove any damp attire from the victim and bind them in insulating garments. Give them warm fluid to drink to sustain the temperature.
  1. Using AED
AED or Automated External Defibrillators are lifesavers to people facing cardiac arrest. They are now readily available and are circulated in schools and workplaces to reduce mishaps. They can bring back the rhythm of heart for someone who suffers immediate chest pain. You need to get proper medical instruction to operate an AED.
  1. Exiting Fire-
In case of an emergency situation where you need to save yourself from a burning building, always keep a calm mind. Avoid lifts at all costs. The best way is to stay down to stop gasping the smoke that will cause you suffocation and breathing restrictions. Every building is installed with fire extinguishers. Read the directions carefully and spray yourself out to safety while the emergency services arrive.\
  1. Save Someone From Allergies-
Every person has unique allergies, and it's challenging to determine what caused it. Before the reaction starts, call for emergency service and ask the person if they know what they touched or consumed, that provoked the response. Also, give the person air to breathe while health services arrive.