Published By: Shreya Ghai

Light it up - 5 ways to decor your house with candles

Candles are the most instant and beautiful accessory to light up your house. Here’s how you can use them for the best decors.

Light a few candles on tall stands or in candle glasses, put them together and see the magic. It is considered to be an instant mood lifter and gives a cosy and calm vibe to your house. It reflects peace, serenity and romance to name a few. Here are four ways you can light up your house with candles and tips to place them for adding charm to your house decor.

Candles stands in the kitchen:

Candles in the kitchen look stunning. You can match the candle stands, lanterns with the colour scheme in the kitchen. Place them on the window fence, near the coffee corner or on the chopping counter. Try using decorative stands for your kitchen that will match the shades in your kitchen. Here are few fragrances that you can choose for your kitchen.,


Cinnamon or spiced



Candles fixed inside glass lanterns add so much warmth to your classic home decor. Most of you think they look better outdoors but try placing them inside your living rooms, bathroom or on the floor in your bedroom to give a vintage look to your house.

Glasses: there is something magical about candles in round transparent glasses. Keep a cluster of them on your console tables, or in front of mirrors or under a painting. It will give your house a rustic look.

Bathroom:  if you are a long shower person, you sure know the beauty of candles. When you place candles in your bathroom, they make your bath area look heavenly. Try placing a tray with rolled towels, some flowers and candles to enhance the look of your bathroom.

Tables:  placing candles in a row on your dining tables with flowers, choose tall or medium candles.  It will instantly light up your dinner mood. If you are planning to set a romantic dinner table, candles are the ideal choice to make it a hit show.

Currently redecorating your house by adding candles to enhance the beauty of your house. It will create an instant mystic look and a pretty ambience. It is an important element of home decor.