Lip Care Routine For Winter

The winter skin issues are real, ladies, and one of those problematic issues is chapped and dry lips. This is how you can give them some TLC and look your best this winter.

As temperatures fall and the winter winds become dry, it takes moisture away from your lips, leaving them chapped, flaky, sore, or slit. However, taking care of your lips with winter lip treatment and applying moisturizing lip products can shield you from suffering the devastation of winter’s harsh weather.

Here are some winter tips to care for your lips:

Apply an everyday lip balm

The first rule of winter lip treatment is to ensure that your lips are well-hydrated. What do you do? Apply an oily lip balm that moisturizes your lips frequently. Dry winter air drains naturally present water away from the lips and leaves them chapped and dry. Making sure you treat them is essential to keep your lips healthy and happy in the coldest months.

Avoid licking the lips

Licking your lips seem to be the best option when they are dry and irritated. However, it makes the dryness more severe, and you must stop this harmful habit. Saliva contains enzymes that can dry your lips and leave your delicate skin feeling dry and parched.

Don’t peel or pluck

The urge to cut or remove the skin from your chapped lips is normal, but doing it isn’t a good idea. Avoid picking or peeling at the dry skin on your lips to maintain their health and avoid any other skin issues like blisters and scabs. This may also cause cracks and blisters that are not just unsightly but can be extremely painful too. Keep your hands away and avoid touching the lips’ skin.

Make sure you drink plenty of water

Lip products are vital for winters. However, equally essential is staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It is common to consume fewer fluids during winter because your body’s temperature isn’t as hot, and this is one of the reasons that your lips and skin can appear dull and dry. If your body is hydrated, it will show in your appearance. Therefore, to fight any dryness and ensure that your lips stay well-hydrated and healthy throughout winter, make it a priority to drink plenty of fluids and stay well-hydrated from within. You can also consume foods with high water content.

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