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List of Some Amazing Street Foods to Eat in Old Delhi

The narrow lanes of old Delhi are famous for their street food. Visiting Delhi is incomplete without taking a stroll on those lanes and trying some delicious street foods.

CholeBhature near NatrajDahiBhalla Corner 

The best stoppage to have some quick meal when you are hungry and craving for some light yet fulfilling food 

When you think of Delhi food, CholeBhature is one of the first things that will come into your mind. Served with spicy chickpea gravy, sprinkled with raw onions and soft bhatures, it tastes heavenly. If you are visiting old Delhi, make sure to have some hot and spicy CholeBhature opposite NatrajBhalla Corner at Chandni Chowk.

GolGappa at Padam Chat Corner

Talking about street food, golgappas are probably the first things that come to your mind. 

After stuffing yourself with some heavy food, if you are craving some tangy Golgappas, then Padam Chat Corner is the place to visit. Famous for its extra spicy, lip-smacking golgappas, the spices used in these Golgappas are entirely homemade to give them an authentic taste. Available in four different flavors, it’s one of the most famous street food vendors in old Delhi.

DaulatkiChaat at Kinari Bazar

Exclusive to Delhi during the winters only, DaulatkiChaat is made with milk and cream, sprinkled with kesar, khoya, and nuts.

This famous dessert with a unique name takes enormous efforts to be made that involves churning milk for hours and then leaving outside all night in the presence of dew drops. Kinari Bazar in old Delhi is a famous place to have DaulatkiChaat which is like foam, light as snowflakes that is mixed with sweetened mawa and sprinkled with kesar, khoya, and dry fruits. Try it for its uniqueness and you won’t regret it for sure.

DahiBhalla at NatrajDahiBhalla Corner

One of the oldest dahibhalla vendors in Chandni Chowk, NatrajDahiBhalla Corner is always crowded with foodies.

As the name suggests NatrajDahiBhalla Corner is famous for providing one of the best dahibhalla in old Delhi. The tikki is served with a mix of chutneys which just augments the taste. Served along with thick sweetened curd and large size of a soft bhalla dipped in assorted chutneys and masalas make it a street food worth tasting. 

Chicken Jahagiri at Al Jawahar 

This one is for non-veg lovers, the Jama Masjid area is famous for its kebabs and other nov-veg dishes. Try Chicken Jahagiri at Al Jawahari for some authentic Mughlai taste.

Located at the front of Jama Masjid, Al Jawahar is well known for serving some lip-smacking and authentic Mughlai food. Among all its dishes, Chicken Jahagiri is one of the most sought-after dishes because of its unique flavor and taste. Also, look out for the aroma of piping hot kebabs and Chicken biryani and a few more delicious and mouth-watering dishes in Al Jawahar Restaurant.

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