List of traditional forms of entertainment in India

They were rooted in tradition but now are loved internationally

In ancient India, there didn’t exist radio and television. Therefore the only and the best means of entertainment that was prevalent in the villages and cities were the narrations of folklores. Back then the storyline for these entertainments originated from the already existing mythological tales. These were the common forms of entertainment which at the same time was a technique of passing on the stories. While there was Natak, also known as theatre, there were various other forms of traditional entertainment. Here is a list of a few of them.

The Indian classical dance

In ancient India, the means of making the mythological tales to be known to the public were performed with dance. These dances were specifically performed in the temples when the priest narrated the stories of the gods and goddesses that have been passed on through generations. The dances are mostly related to Hindu gods and goddesses and speak of their life stories, such as of Shiva and Vishnu. Right from the expressions to the hand gestures involved in the classical dance forms, such as Bharatnatyam, Kathak, or Kuchipudi, all have in common the tales of the gods and goddesses. The dances were initially a form of worship in temples which were gradually taken up to the royal courts for entertainment purposes of the kings. The mention and proof of these dances have been in the ancient texts compiled from the 5th century BC to the 5th century AD.

The Indian Drama and Theatre

Taking a cue from the ancient age-old craft of dance recitals that took place in the temples before graduating to the royal courts, the art of narrating a story with actions and dialogues is also old. Unlike the classical dances, the idea of drama and theatre in Indian forms of entertainment was the passing on of the epic folklores and mythological tales. All this was done with the means of some music and comedy. The script of the drama was based on the stories of the gods with men performing both, the role of Ram as well as that of Sita. In fact, the theatre back then travelled from one village to another.

The Indian Puppetry Show

This is one of the other ancient forms of entertainment done with the means of holding puppets and narrating a story. A form popular with children, it is enjoyed by adults alike. Puppetry is a traditional art form based on a single concept but presented in various forms.

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