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Lit Ways To Repurpose Used Candle Jars

The candle jars are too pretty to be trashed out!

Once you have exhausted the candles, what do you do with the pretty glass candle jars? It is not wise to throw them out given that we are all trying to be better at being green people. Moreover, there are tons of ways you could use these candle jars. The glass or ceramic candle jars only need to be cleaned out a little and you can use them for many things. Here are a few ways you could repurpose the used candle jars!

Used Candle Jars Can Be A New Home To Your Succulents

If you are looking to repot your succulents, you can always use one of your old and used candle jars. Succulents do need big pots and can thrive in small spaces, therefore, size will not be an issue. Clean used candle jars and place your succulents in them. They would look cute and you would not have to pay to get pots for your succulents as well!

Turn Them Into Office Desk Organizers

If your office desk looks way too mundane, you can use old candle jars as your stationery holders to bring some life into it. Candle jars usually come in pretty colors and prints and therefore would charm up the look wherever they are placed. Old candle jars can be used as pen holders or containers for keeping staples and paper clips.

Make It A Catch-All Container For Your Washroom Vanity

Your guests or even you may be looking for containers to keep your jewelry in for when you are about to take a shower. A catch-all is a container where you can temporarily store your jewelry or other tiny stuff when you are using the washroom or the vanity so as not to lose them. An old candle jar will be perfect to be turned into a catch-all for the washroom or the vanity. You can store you small and daily wear jewelry in it and never lose them again.

Use Them For A Romantic Ambience At Home

If you have used glass candle jars, you can repurpose them into light holder. Put fairy lights in them and use them for some mood lighting around your house. You can also use them at the dinner table and replace the usual candles in case you want to have a romantic dinner with your partner.